The many , many bears

The beautiful thing about making art , or one of the perks is that the artist interprets their focus (in my case nature and most particularly bears) . The pointy edge to this is; some viewer will like the work and some , not so much.

Of course the ego of an artist (that little voice hopefully mostly inside) says;

“Everyone love me, love my work, carry it  home with you!”

While it would be nice from a sales perspective if everyone liked all that I produced , it would be boring if everyone like the same thing. And  consumer demand for the same thing would make what I do production and not original art.

Pictured here are two bears that I carved from similar stones and at a similar time frame in my carving career. Totally different bears and they appeal to people, even to me for different reasons.

No cookie cutters on this carver’s work table.

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Personality plus


 Pink is not just for girls

The pink stones are so interesting to work with.  There are a lot of textures and variations in the pink stone that are much more subtle then the green brown the shows in defined lines or big splotches.  People tend to get up close and personal with this carving much sooner than the bold colours.  The lines and changes of colour are so much quieter.

If you were thinking of a bold dancing bear, the photo below would be your guy.


Same carver,both dancing bears, both soapstone , these two pieces definitely each have their own personality.

That is what makes being an artist and owning art so rewarding.

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Shiny bear over there


Glossy bear could be his name.

It’s not but, this photo shows how shiny soapstone can be when lacquer is applied. He is Canadian soapstone so, very black.

To make my carvings, I prefer using a Clear Kote on finished pieces .  The majority of my work is protected this way.  Lacquer ensures that the pieces are also protected from a fingernail or ring and soapstone begs to be touched .  Adding the Clear Kote doesn’t automatically make one of my bears smooth even with all of the filing and sanding.  The lacquer has to be spread on very carefully with a nary a bubble or bump.  You can see with this picture if the coating is not pristine it would show.

Carving takes patience but, so does finishing a pieces and it is very much worth it.

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Bear on the move


My love of soapstone knows no bounds.

That sounds , a bit too romantic and romantical. However, this bear on the move was carved by me so I can take credit for; the head turn, the paws in motion the size of the haunches but,  that stone!! Mother Nature is amazing

Doesn’t it make you think that may he is moving through muddy water?  Or the dark and light patches seem just right for the leg muscles? There are no cracks in this stone those are all the minerals and compressions and variety that come wit this particular boulder. Also, every cut into a boulder shows a different vein, colour variation, personality.

By the way, he’s a polar bear (smaller head, placement of the ears) all the bears have massive paws.

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Half done bear


I take the bear pictured above to events that I do from time to time. Meet and greets or the old time arts and crafts events. Many people will say; How do you do that?, How long did it take you?  Where do you get your stone?

All of the comments make me smile because as I carver, I don’t really see people in my everyday life.  Communicating face to face is good whatever the scenario.

Of course I prefer;  Love your work!, Is it all done by you? Must be nice to do what you love.

And it is.

Back to the bear.  The left hand side of this bear is the untreated side, the rough side.  The shiny black side comes from ; beeswax application, clear lacquer or the oils from the side of your nose. No really.The clear lacquer is the shiniest and give the most protection if the art is going to be handled.

All soapstone begs to be touched but, this guy particularly gets people swiping with their fingers from left to right and back.

The beauty is in the stone it just takes some work sometimes to bring it out.

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Art is risk


The bear pictures above is a big guy, when he was all done and the gorgeous brown tones of this Brazilian soapstone I decided to file back the the head and neck.

My thought was that he is dirty playing in the mud.  Customers and clients on the other hand have said;  is he finished yet? , are you going to fix that? why would you do that?

The artist has to be happy with the piece and I was happy to try this out and see how it worked.  There is an ass for every seat and a bear for every mantle.  this bear will find his forever home but as an artist you risk what people will say or not pay.

That is part of executing something that is unique and one of a kind.

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Big bears

I love it when a plan comes together.  Sometimes one big boulder equals one big bear.

These two are probably about 75 lbs each (not sure what that is in metric).  I know that I carve both from a pedestal and my lap.  Yes you read it correctly when the bears are big but still manageable I carve by feel and site.

My carving chair is actually an old armchair that was discarded from someone’s living room.  It’s comfortable and sturdy enough to hold myself and the carving and I can feel the contours.

You might have been thinking my carvings were very high tech and I do use diamond bits, dremels , saws etc.. but the hand carving and feeling out the placement of the foot.  You can’t beat having the bear on your lap.

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Birds of feather


I carved these three eagles

They seem totally different at first glance and that is the beauty of making art.

The similarities are many though;  Brazilian soapstone, abstract, not entirely aggressive beak and there is movement from the head with no signs of wings.  Lastly of course , the same artist/carver.

These works are all impressions of eagles .  Every piece of art is a statement and one piece will mean more to one person than another, that is the joy of making and admiring a piece of art.

No cookie cutters here.

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Every little pebble

I see opportunities to carve all around my world.


If you buy a red car of a certain make suddenly everywhere you go there are red cars of that same make.

I am a stone carver and naturally there is stone everywhere but, I see uses for the little pebbles in a parking lot , they can be stacked for an impromptu inukshuk, rocks holding down someone’s pool cover that could be Alabaster  or soapstone – definitely carve able and a true tidbit from my life.

Painters will see a particular tinge of sky or the washed out colour of an old wooden board.

Art is everywhere.  All the stones and pebbles keep me dreaming and doing art even when I am not in the carving shed.

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The same but not really


Commissions are a wonderful thing.

Not only is it a sale for the artist but, there are can be more than one piece commissioned at a time.  More carving time is never a bad thing.

The knife edge (no pun intended- really)  for me as an artist is to ensure that the client knows; the beauty of hand carved pieces is that no two will be exactly the same.

The artworks can be the size required and the theme required , of course the type of stone required.  But, every stone has it’s own characteristic even all black like the ones shown above .

Hand carved means the hand is not a punch press and can’t be 100% sure that the leaf will; bend in exactly the same way or the shading will be precise.

The beauty and the requirement, art is a one of , no matter how close you come.

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