Yoga pose

Just for fun.

Both of these carvings are done in Asian soapstone. The pinkish tones seemed to be the right fit for the calming effect of yoga, or at least I hear that is the effect of yoga.

The idea for these carvings came from a sign for a yoga studio that had flowing lines around the figure of a person.  I started with the carving that was a riff on that and then, well, I do like bears.

Hence the bear carving.

Totally different than the style I am known for but, then that is the beauty of art.

Go where the inspiration takes you.

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The extra details

3907.jpg 5604

I love carving free form and abstract. The bears, eagles, etc.. flowing the way the stone wants them to flow (and the carver to be honest) but, sometimes you must have the added realistic details to make a strong statement.

The walrus pictured here needed tusks.  Sorry, there went the vintage carving knives.

But, the tusks look perfect I think and big enough for a walrus this size.  The growling bear on the right can’t gum you to death, he needed teeth.  So the mouth had to be hand carved and sanded . I played denturist to this guy.

Amazing, when someone sees these two carving in person, they want to touch the teeth and tusks.  The added details are fascinating for people and for me too to get them correct.

Abstract is wonderful but sometimes, mirroring real life is a great exercise in making art too.

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Draw a little , carve alot


I can draw!! But, I prefer to carve.

As someone who worked on cars my whole life, I think I have a really well developed sense of space and dimension. This is a requirement for carving.  I don’t always show my work but, having a feel goes along way to making a boulder into a bear.

The two photos here are both drawn by me.

For the most part, I see the bears, eagles and turtles – oh my in the boulders without external visual cues but, sometimes a little sharpie helps make sure the head and height are alright.

The drawing of the wolf is one I did before I got into carving stone full time.  I have boxes full of sketches.  As a colour blind auto mechanic you might think that art was not my ‘thing’.  You would be wrong. Ask my family and you will find out many were gifted with drawings and painting long before the launch of Johdan Stone Art.

Follow your interests and you will never be bored.  If people happen to buy into your life’s passion , so much the better.

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Turtle, turtle


This is one of the few abstract turtles I have carved and I love it when a plan comes together.

This turtle reminds me of home decor in the 60s or 70s.  Something our parents might have had on the coffee table beside the ashtray and near the drink coasters.

There was no need to etch into the turtle shell as the stone has all the colour and interest anyone might be looking for.  I did carve out the eyes with this one and I sometimes etch a circle to give the impression of eye.  I think it came out really well.

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Big bear


This bear has bulked up.

Definitely not one to pick up with one hand.  The colours show a little I think.  There is some robin’s egg blue along with the beiges, browns and blacks.

Each bear is my favourite when I am carving it.  This one is still a favourite even though it has gone to it’s forever home.

The interesting part from a carving perspective is always to go with what the stone wants.  This stone wanted a big old grizzly, not a lean polar bear, not an eagle , not anything else.

When I listen to the stone and carve away the excess rock.

we have a bear.

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Got it!


Once the bear has his lunch, he’s not going to stick around in case someone else wants it !

This is a bear that I carved in the beginning of my art career. Note that the fish looks almost like a hot water bottle.

The bear came out beautifully though and the Brazilian soapstone makes this look like he is coming out of the earth.  The markings couldn’t have been more perfect.

I love carving a healthy bear and one that someone can pick up without fear of it being too fragile. The rusty colour markings on the legs are part of the stone.  No flaws , just nature.

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Out of the rough

IM000436.JPG2582Sometimes, less is more.

I love these little bears but, not every person who loves soapstone carvings will.  I left both of these little guys emerging from their original rocks.

The balance of rough textures in the rock and the carved and polished bear make these pieces a treat for the eyes.  A person looking at them is bound to go;  hmmmm whether that is in a good way or a no way.

For me as the carver, deciding when to stop and not carve and polish every little bit of the rock is harder than carving and polishing to the very end. This is a bit of a different take on what a finished piece of art really is. An object of art is finished when the artist is finished with it.

The artist owns the vision of his creation until someone falls in love and takes it home. That’s what makes art such a personal experience for the artist and the client.

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What to get the carver’s wife?


A carving of course!

Fortunately or not, I don’t gift my wife generally what I carve but, she does from time to time get other carvers work. When I needed a gift, it’s very nice to have friends in artistic places.

This  photo  shows the carving done by Loreene Henry who lives on Six Nations. My mentor Ben Henry, his wife Loreene and many in his family are all carvers.  I am very lucky to know them and learn from them.

This style of carving is something that would be totally out of my element and sometimes a bear just won’t do.

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Bird of Prey


This is a bird of prey not a warm and fuzzy budgie or some other type of house pet.

The beak overlapping sharply, the set back eyes.  You wouldn’t want to be on the dinner side of this bird.

Luckily, he or she is carved by me in Brazilian Soapstone and more of home decor than home predator.

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