Who Da Bear

Who Da Bear, I'm Da Bear

That really is the name of this carving.

It doesn’t translate so well for SEOs and metta tags but I am an artist not a social media expert.

This bear looks pretty darn happy to have caught the fish.

The bear and the rock he is standing on is all one piece of Brazilian Soapstone and I carved the fish out of a small piece of Asian soapstone.

You can’t tell very well from this photo but the dark greens of the bear do look like he just came out of the water dripping wet. Carving a base for a dancing bear is almost cheating from a balance perspective although I still had to ensure he wasn’t top heavy but, the different textures involved in this carving make it worth being a little outside of the box.


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Dance when you gotta dance


It’s Monday here and as much as I love what I do for a living there is still the business of art that needs to be worked on.  Gathering stones, taking photos of commissions, checking to see if I have bubble and containers.  Exactly the procedures an office person on Monday.  They need to make sure their work area is ready for the week and they have all the tools to do the job at hand.

It seemed like a good time to just say; this is a happy dancing bear.

Have a great week everyone, stay happy

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Not to everyone’s taste

Pictured here is one of the projects that you might not find in someone’s home, (although I would be glad to sell it to a private collector). This piece is not warm and fuzzy and therefore not to everyone’s taste but, that’s okay. It’s my statement as an artist and any discussion is good.

On to the piece itself.

If you look closely, tiny polar bears are climbing up one branch, tiny penguins are climbing up the other and then end at a mask (that I carved from Alabaster) and come out as mutants; part bear/ part penguin.

Each piece is carved individually and the stand was bent and welded by me.  The branch just needed to be stripped of bark but the look in the branch was nature made.

The point of this piece which is about 4 ft high .  The statement in simple terms : What humans are doing to the environment will effect nature in ways we might not be able to imagine.

The details in carving each piece and giving them a personality is lost a bit in a photo but, I think you get the gist and you might be a able to zoom in from your end.

Sometimes a carver has to carve what strikes them and worry about getting paid for their art later.  All the penguins and bears are on little pegs fit into the branch so it can all be dismantled (which my wife thinks is a good thing when space is at a premium at home)

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a bear with some teeth

Angry Bear

Yesterday I posted a photo of one of my cute bear cub carvings today, not so cute.

This is a close up of the growling bear. I thought it would be good to see a close up.  The teeth are part of the stone (all one piece) but, I needed to shape and file the jaw, inside the mouth and the teeth.  They were left rough because, well bears teeth wouldn’t be all shiny and polished.

Funnily enough, I get more reaction from the size of the bear, then I do about the open mouth and the sharp teeth.

Angry Bear

My bear carvings are usually pretty friendly looking, even when they weigh upwards of 80 lbs , the eagles tend to be a little more stern but, this guy has definitely shown my wild side in carving.

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The cutest bear


The bear pictured here is one of the cutest that I have carved.

To be honest, each new bear that has an interesting colour variation is the cutest bear until I unearth the next one with my carving tools.

It is probably how people feel about each of their children;  ‘Oh she is the most adorable little girl’, then her brother comes along, ‘the handsomest fella’, then another girl – ‘equal in beauty to the other two’.

Honestly, it might be a bit nauseating to the non-parents and my love of the variations in each of my works might be why I carve and don’t do media interviews. Don’t want to cause groans from potential clients.

Have a look though at this bear with the robin’s egg blue splotches, the vertical dark lines all over his body and head.  Of course, carving him as a well fed little bear makes him also very tempting for clients to pick up and carry away.

This one took rather long to sell but, when his finder found him she cuddled him home and was already talking about who she would show him off too.

The colours, the carving – each piece of art just needs to find the person they connect with. I merely carve them and hope for a connection.

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March of the polar bears

For awhile I was a addicted,obsessed, fascinated with the documentary ; March of the Penguins.  In fact, I carved many penguins in various states of march; sliding, climbing, marching and placed them on a soapstone iceberg.

Carving 1″ tall penguins with features and personalities took some patience and a soft landing in soapstone dust as some of them were dropped a time or two or three.

Unfortunately, there is no photo , fortunately because it sold quickly.

But, this project  gave me the idea for the march of the polar bears.

The march of the polar bears is still a work in progress but, you can see that the march has begun.  The bears are a little more stylized and are all marching (although different sizes and colours) soon I will have bears sliding and climbing and I need to carve approximately 3 times the bears you see here.

It’s a fun project, and it helps me maintain a certain manual dexterity and attention to detail in between carving bigger pieces.

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Sea life and see life

If you have seen my work before today you know that I am fascinated by bears. However, as an artist and a person that respects nature in all it’s forms I do from time to time head for the water instead of the forest for inspiration.

The three pieces pictured above are part of my sea life carvings.  Fluidity comes to mind especially when I look at the pink Orca .  Yes I made it but, the nature of the stone and the movement of the tail and fin make it an enticing piece.

Interestingly for anyone not well versed in soapstone, they are all soapstone.  For an artist , the colours of soapstone are part of highlighting nature. I am determined to get some of the turquoise green , purple and red soapstone at some point to extend the artistic magic.

I posted the title of this blog tongue in cheek but, truly looking at our sea world through the lens of art odes help me at least see the world.

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Bears on the move

Bears move.

Therefore, what I carve shows movement.  If the bear is not supposed to be moving (having a lazy day after his or her shore lunch) the muscles and paws and they way their nose lays down are very important important to me.  I study photos, videos, nature shows and I have seen a few bears in their habitat (at a safe distance). Bear movement is important in my art.


if I am carving abstract and then throw all of those guidelines out of the window.

Above, are 4 bears on the move, all carved by me and hopefully appealing to clients for many different reasons. There are polar bears and grizzlies, Brazilian and Asian soapstone. The gamut.

On the move

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The kitchen sink

I posted awhile ago a photo of a sink that I carved.

But, yesterday someone was asking me if I promoted my pieces that were not wildlife.  Since I got the question I thought I should re-post the sink and promote my work as home decor and not just eye candy.

Really art of any sort is both but, here you go.


Sink and Faucet Block Combo
Sink and Faucet Block Combo


Since I took this photo I have turned it from a dry sink (no drainage) into one with a hole for drainage (chrome like the faucet).

It’s a beautiful piece up close and was fun to make.  I am not a plumber by any stretch so I haven’t swirled water through it to see the effect but, the colour variations on soapstone may this piece a winner wet or dry.

I haven’t gotten back to anything similar to the sink, (yes I have been busy interpreting wildlife) but, I would enjoy a commission of something of a practical nature like the sink.

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Alabaster done two ways

Both of these stones are carved from Spanish Alabaster – no really they are.

They look very different because the one on the right has a rough surface and the one on the left is polished smooth.

I have heard from clients; ‘loved the roughed look it looks so real and natural ‘and the reverse; ‘I love seeing the marking of the stone and you wouldn’t get that when it was left rough.’

The  bears also have different personalities; a paw up, head turned  and so on . But, I think the viewer comes to that once a person gets past the surface.

Hence the reason I carve alabaster at least two ways.  Viva le difference

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