Turtle Days

There are times when a person is making art, creating art, dreaming about art.. that one focus keeps popping up.

No matter what you do, something reminds you of that one thing.

This happened to me with turtles.

I was commissioned to carve a turtle , actually ; a collage with a turtle and a snake .  The carving was a gift  or a University Professor whose actual expertise was a certain type of turtle and a certain local snake.

There is pressure involved in this type of commission. Putting in a lot of time researching is essential to success. The carver has to maintain focus on what the client wants.

If the turtle head was the wrong shape or the tail was not correct, it was going to be a disappointment.  Every dimension needed to be planned out.

It all worked out very well and the students giving the gift were pleased and so was the recipient .

But, for weeks and maybe for months after I was thinking of turtles and carving turtles and seeing turtles cross the road near my house.

As an artist, when you see something in the rock it has to come out.  Boulders into bears but also into turtles.




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