And now for something totally different

A few years ago soapstone was all the rage in home decor.

There were soapstone counters, sinks, soapstone bowls, fireplaces, whisky cubes you name it.  Soapstone as the new granite, the new marble,.. just plain new to the home decor industry.

As any A personality will tell you, my thought after the initial – ‘not a bad idea there are so many great properties to soapstone ‘ was

I can do that.

So I did.

I carved a sink and the base for a faucet.

It is very nice if I say so myself and makes a person picture the water swirling around the bowl.  At first I thought dry sink (no hole for the drainage) but in this day and age I am not sure how useful (no matter how pretty that would be) so I out in a hole for drainage bought the hardware for the taps.

I am not sure how many people would think that a carver of bears would be the maker of a sink.

But, I can do that.

Sink and Faucet Block Combo
Sink and Faucet Block Combo


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