Fly like an eagle

I know that seems I mostly carve and am interested in bears and that would be a fair assessment but,, (there is always a but) I have an affinity for eagle and hawks and birds of prey as well.

The birds that I carve tend not to be as aggressive looking as say a Ben Henry but , I think that goes with the idea of majesty over the sense of power.

A true bird of prey doesn’t need to look aggressive to survive they need to get the job done.

I very much appreciate the talons and beaks and close set eyes of other carvers’ works but my carvings tend to be more on the abstract or subdued side.  Hinting at a sense of the power of the bird.

Many of my clients don’t actually rub their carvings of birds as the people who purchase the bears do but, I think there is an admiration and sense of honour that they can relate to.

Here are a few birds and you can see more on my website


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