Show’s over back to carving

I have had my work in a local gallery for the last two months.

It has been great because ; it is close to home (carting carvings around is still a bunch of boulders) and ; it was for 2 months.  This is a nice time stretch that gives people a chance to visit my work and see and touch and ask questions.

Sadly , there were no sales from the show directly.  All is not lost though.

My rule of thumb is to connect sales to shows within a 6 month time frame.  So if anyone out there missed the gallery show they can still visit the website and buy, buy, buy.

Just because the show is over , doesn’t mean potential sales will dry up.

My website is always open 24/7 and because of this in the modern age, I can get back to carving and filling my rock bin with future carving projects.

I am posting rough pictures below in order to channel my next project.

Visit the website and see more of the finished pieces.