How long does it take?

I sometimes feel like a kid on a family car trip when I am carving something that does not coming easily.

Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?

I am hungry, Tommy is touching me

All kinds of random thoughts besides the caving at hand.  My carving time is mostly the Zen state.  I go into the carving shed, I carve.  Time has either stood still or flown by depending on how you look at it .By the time I come out of the carving shed I have the beginning of something and I am spent.

The car ride carving times are plain annoying.  It generally means one of a few things;

I shouldn’t be carving today but going fishing instead

The piece does not want to be a an eagle or a bear or whatever I had planned

Lastly I don’t really have a plan and the cuts are forced.

What does all this mean in the life of a carve?

That’s life.

Good days with bad but just keep going

We’re not there yet.

Shy Turtle