Internet dictionary definition (I think Merriam Webster)


a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric onto a backing.
the art of making collages.
a combination or collection of various things.
So, in my world  a collage would be a combination or collection of various animals.
I have only done this a handful of times but they mostly come about because I see more than one animal or bird or even elephant truth be told, in a single piece.
And as my job is to carve out of the rough boulder what is inside it voila a collage carving of soapstone
Collage and et voila would be the sum total of my french so if someone has another word for this melting pot of animals that can be viewed  as one main animal or another depending on which side you view it from , let me know.
This type of art is not as difficult as making a dancing bear balance on one leg but, differentiating each form within the rock takes a fair amount of fine detail work so that I am happy with each aspect.
I have posted 2 below – enjoy



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