Here a blog there a blog – where to put the bolg

I posted the following blog this morning on my website news page :

But, I miss blogging straight into the web o sphere.  So bear with me those that follow the news and the fb re posts, you will have already seen. this.  Don’t boo just let me know which you like better and if you don’t, every once in awhile you will see 2.

Just getting the feel of this typing for an audience thing.

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Whether the  pieces of art sell or not, well that as always is up to the client. If I can have a sense of humour about my art most of the time, that is what I can control.

Pictured here is a spring chicken.  I entered myself in a contest a few years ago which in our circles is called; a juried exhibition.

Sounds quite a bit more professional and fancy to be juried and exhibited instead of shown.  Do dog shows have juried exhibitions?  Just wondering?

Either way,  I think you are supposed to feel better when you get in and worse when you don’t. This spring spring chicken bit of tongue in cheek humour made me smile and didn’t get in.

I think the criteria for the exhibition through the gallery that operated it was;  the change of seasons .  That is pretty all encompassing and could have taken anything from my art world including a collage of nature .  I however veered towards humour.

In case you may need some explaining;  I am a gear head turned artist (therefore a spring was part my stock and trade)  A chicken has the prime of their life and then they are gone, to a pasture or someone’s dinner table.  It might be a stretch for the change of seasons and a stretch for the jurists but, abstract work is entered into exhibitions all of the time and with some of those, you can do a headstand and not figure it out without the little card of explanation.  Love that type of art

This whole carving is solid but I am pretty proud that the old bird looks like he is teetering on the moment of springing off to head for some worms.

Do I wish that I won the contest, of course- winning is the only thing.  But I laughed and humour is an important thing.


I said I would never do events again but…

Image result for graphic of tired old man

Well, I was wrong.  When there is a Christmas show that is close to home and my old stomping grounds I guess I am in.  The Christmas fairy whirled her magic dust and Poof – I am getting show ready.

A small whine here (no cheese) this means a 4 day show and 12 huge Rubbermaid containers full of bears and eagles, a walrus and brochures and certificates and a pen.

In order to be a professional artist you have to get out there physically not just on social media.  Once I am set up, I will be ensconced there for 4 days surrounded by Christmas cheer and the shoppers that go with them.

If only there was snow , then I would sculpt a snow bear outside and pop in once in awhile to see if the stone bears are selling.  If only it were that easy.

I love people that love my work but, the set up and tear down – well I need some good Christmas fairies to help me out there.

Wish me luck and if you want to see my work without visiting; Victoria Hall In Dundas Ontario Canada (yes that was a plug)


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It’s not always about the bear

But many times it is…

An artist is well within the artist sensibility to have a favourite material or a favourite muse and I do.  Stone and bears but, I draw and I carve abstract yoga people and sometimes a squirrel with his nut.

Making art never gets old for me.  I do see bears in lots of boulders but , I am a fan of nature as a whole and have been known to carve dolphins and squirrels, snakes and more.

Gotta go with the flow, that’s art.

If you would like to see more of my finished work please visit;


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And that’s the natural colour folks


These double eagles cause people to take a second look.

Not only is it a fair size carving but, those  are not paint lines, they are the colours of the stone.  Funny how nature does that.

even as I was carving, the colours didn’t come out as boldly as they did when I applied the final coat of lacquer.  Soapstone amazes me time after time. Rust and khaki colours and the bands of colours tying the two birds together.

This is part of what keeps me carving stone (and wood is too finicky)

If you would like to check out more of my finished work, please visit

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Ho Ho Ho it’s magic

‘never believe it’s not so’  (Thank you to the band Pilot for these words)

I highlight many photos of boulders, boulders with sharpies and the work in progress of my art.  Once comment made to me recently was; shouldn’t it be like magic.

I believe the person was thinking first it’s a boulder and shazam it’s a bear.  Magic is in the eye of the beholder.  I could just show the world at large how fabulous I am but, anyone can make art they just have to have the drive.

Magic might make it more exciting, (without the capes and wands and fairy dust, but can’t it also be magic that what I see is what it becomes?

I am going to keep showing my sharpie figures and the end result and hopefully, some people somewhere will buy the finished work and keep me carving.

That’s a type of magic isn’t it?

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Sticks and stones

Sticks and stone will… not what you are thinking

Sticks and stones make great art.

There is a whole wave now of found materials that make great art. As someone who originally trained as a mechanic , I am fascinated by the art that is made up of old washing machines, and bits and bolts. Well done to everyone that sees other things in their environment.

As for the art that I do. Aren’t sticks and stones the first materials in found art?  Anyone can pick up some rocks and make a tower, an inukshuk, a stone man , you find it you make it into something.  Even a paperweight on your desk or a jar of shells to remind you of vacation.

I just extend that thought to make art that is my way of making a living.

I look at a rock and I have to turn it over a few times (if it’s not too heavy) and I see birds, and bears and things inside the rock begging to come out.

Then I feel compelled to carve.I make art from found things in homage to nature mostly.

What’s old is new again and there is always room for more art.


If you would like to see more of my finished works , please visit :


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Here Kitty Kitty….

Here Kitty Kitty Bear watching Fish IM110101 017

I am a carver not a writer.

My ideas are all about what is inside the stone. This bear going after lunch that must be down there somewhere made me think;

Here Kitty, Kitty

Not good for the world wide web looking for stone carvings, or art for sale by artist but, I am an artist first and a promoter second, or third.

Back to the art.  This is all one piece of Brazilian soapstone on a black base.  The colours of the bear are amazing if I may say and most people think the rock and the bear are 2 pieces at first glance.

No, I just carve out what I see inside the boulder very carefully.

Have a vision, grab the carving tools and maybe stop naming the works of art.

If you would like to see more of my finished work, please visit my website:

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The stone speaks

Bear Eating Fish On Rock II

The stone does speak, as long as the artist is listening closely.

This carving is all one piece. The base , the bear and the fish are one rock.  Nothing is cut out or pasted together just carved with the idea that this bear and his lunch were in the rock.

It takes a little more time to think it all through and make sure I don’t accidentally cut through where a paw would be thinking that would be a piece of the rock he is standing on but, carving with flow is the most enjoyable.

Keep track of the knife, and the vision and the rest will come.  Like anything, with practice too.

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Love a rainy day



Rainy days are great for carving.  Not too cold, not too hot, just right.

Of course you have to have the light and the power but, if you have that it is a golden carving day.

I have been asked to carve again an ice sculpture outside.  I am thinking about it but ,

instead of a chain saw I would do a chisel and finesse a little more.  Also, holding onto the chainsaw around onlookers can be a little nerve wracking.

I have carved in a chair with small pieces .  Nice for me to be outside and nice to see a person working on their art. The one drawback might be – I am carving in real time.  There is no fast forward or you tube video to get through to the end bits.

Remember everyone watching art in process – patience is a virtue.

If I do more outdoor carving , I will post and let you know but in the meantime if you would like to see some of my completed work;

Please check out my website:

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Well rounded bear


Working in the round.

That would be how I work in stone.  A bear, unless it is abstract has to have all his paws, his head, his ears in the right spot.  If an artist has to explain to someone that it’s a bear then you are working abstractly which is okay but, working in the round , it’s very noticeable to a client if the artist gets something wrong.

Most people might not believe it but, I have what is essentially your grandpa’s recliner in my carving shed.

While I work on a table and I have all types of carving equipment, sometimes I have to put it on my lap and feel the curves, turn it over a few times and make sure everything is the way it should be.

Art by feel some might say.